TOP casino poker players who went broke

Gambling history is full of various stories when players won really huge amounts. However, there are many facts when after such winnings were real fails. Endless need and the urge to push the limits is a constant state of poker players. Some of the most talented casino buffs have filed for bankruptcy at the height of their stardom. Here is the list of TOP 5 poker players who went broke:

  • Brad Booth with total lose about $ 5 million;
  • Gavin Griffin — more than $ 6 million;
  • Thuan «Scotty» Nguyen — up to $ 20 million;
  • Erick Lindgren — more than $ 25 million;
  • Stewart Errol Ungar — about $ 20 million.

Here are five legends that got rich first and then lost all! Read these stories to realize once again that gambling is an entertainment, but not the way for earning money. Moreover, gambling addiction that was the reason of great players’ fiascos is a dangerous disease.

Brad Booth

This Canadian has been considered one of the most successful cash poker players lately. However, during the Ultimate Bet cheating scandal in 2007, Booth’s fortune turned sharply after spending so much time on this poker room. Booth is believed to have lost more than $ 2 million to this scam and more than $ 3 million in online poker play from 2008 to the present day.

Gavin Griffin

Winning the 2004 Pot Limit Texas Hold’em tournament, Griffin holds the record for the youngest ever World Series of Poker title holder. He is best known for his incredible streak in 2010-2011, when he became the first player to win the Holy Grail of poker, the Triple Crown. However, due to his struggle with gambling addiction, which Griffin talked about openly, not everything went so smoothly in this youngster’s life. After losing a huge amount of money in 2011, Griffin left the gambling tables to “tidy up and rebuild his game.”

Thuan «Scotty» Nguyen

A five-time WSOP bracelet winner, Scotty Nguyen began his poker career as a dealer. Nguyen began winning large sums of money, so large that he could not manage it. In the end, a bad losing streak and alcohol abuse cost him everything.

Erick Lindgren

Five years ago, Eric Lindgren was one of the top players in the poker world. Winning his first World Series of Poker Player of the Year award in 2008, Lindgren has won huge sums of money at the tables and earned even more as the owner and sponsored pro of the Full Tilt Poker poker room. However, Lindgren was recently forced to file for bankruptcy due to over $ 10 million in debt raised by his gambling addiction and Full Tilt Poker’s financial turmoil.

Stewart Errol Ungar

Stew Ungar is often seen as a player whose potential is far beyond the level he has reached. He possessed a genius IQ and a photographic memory. But the competitive spirit and gambling nature always pushed him to the limit. The fact that he was unstoppable at the poker table caused him to ruin the game.

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